Cosmic Paintings
by Michael T. Cicirelli


Over the decades, it seems people have just gotten use to hanging "prints"... it's my mission to make hand painted "originals" available at affordable prices... real paint to remind that art comes from people not printing presses.

All paintings $30

Hand painted originals on 11x8.5, acid-free, durable, heavy weight flat cardboard, ideal for perfect matt framing...

...and because each painting is a one-of-a-kind original, sold paintings are immediately marked "sold" or are removed from this site. So if you see one you like, get it while you can before someone else does.

Free Shipping and Handling on all orders
in the USA


All new one-of-a-kind original paintings
available as of May 26, 2017


Glowing Sky



Emerald Moon



Cherry Blossom Planet



Green Mist Castle




Watchful Peace


I want original paintings to be affordable for everyone... as it was before the invention of the printing press
...real paint, applied by hand and brush, each a unique one-of-a-kind...

...rather than mass produced, ink on paper, posters... nice images,
but not the smell of art, not the feel of art...'s time to turn around the age of Warhol and get back to the real thing...
to be reminded that my/your/our "life is not a dress rehearsal" nor a plastic copy...

Here's some customers who agree...

More of my paintings are available as
metal, canvas, acrylic and framed prints
here and here