Cosmic Paintings
by Michael T. Cicirelli


All paintings $50

Hand painted originals on 11x8.5, acid-free, durable, heavy weight flat cardboard, for perfect matt framing.

Because each painting is a one-of-a-kind original, sold paintings are immediately removed from this site. So if you see one you like, get it while you can



Paintings currently available as of October 2016



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item 14H




item 15D




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item 14K




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item 14A




item 15A




item 15Bitem 15B




item 14M




item 15G




item 15C




item 15H




item 14E




iteiiiiiiiitem 14J




item 15E








item 15M




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item 15J


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I like for original paintings to be affordable for everyone...
it's time to turn around the age of Warhol and get back to the real thing...
to be reminded that my/your/our "life is not a dress rehearsal" nor a plastic copy...

Here's some customers who agree...



More of my paintings are available as
metal, canvas, acrylic and framed prints,
and as greeting cards,